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Moelter Family Photos

Below are photos of Damon with his family before and after his 2004-2008 abduction.

(photo at top of page) Damon just after having a tantrum being consoled by his father in 2001

Boys camping with their dad in his living room July 2004

Mr. Moelter with his sons at Carpentaria beach 2004

    Damon and brother posing with academic medals 2008

    Damons 12th birthday

    Boys’ first Halloween

    Boys’ first Christmas

      Damon’s birthday with brothers and friends at Soak City August

      Boys with their Dad and step-mother and friends in November visiting Zion

      First Moelter Christmas together with the boys after abduction

      Damon playing soccer

        Family skiing at Mammoth February

        Family trip to Alaska July

        Moelter Family Christmas

        Celebration dinner at Outback (ribs!) with friends and brothers after Damon finishes his fantasy-fiction novel April

        Damon with best friend at first concert (the Eagles, one of Damon's favorite bands) May

        Damon with brothers 2010

          Damon practicing Ninjutsu with swords June

          Damon at Homer award dinner for his high school drama activities June

          Damon posing with Homer award trophy at his father's home June

          Damon with his brothers at their father's home enjoying a bowl of ice cream April